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I am Priya Gore - the artist.

Coming from a joint family from a tiny village in India, I am among the 18th of the 28 cousins.  At a very early age my love for art was apparent when the closest two best buddies I had were a pencil and paper & till date my biggest motivation is my mother who is doctor by profession wore different hats all throughout her life & was remarkable at it.

     Till recently (in sub-continent region) your ‘destination’ is decided before you are conceived, either you must become a doctor or an engineer. All my cousins were asked to pursue medical but I chose to take engineering route even though both my parents are doctors. I love being a geek when it comes to science & technology & craftsmanship. I completed my masters in telecommunications system design engineering from Chicago and after 3 years of working in the US, I planned to join MY partner in Australia. Soon I got recruited in NBN rollout & rapidly achieved high accolades in designing complex wireless networks for large enterprises and was one of the top 5 finalists for Australian national awards in the category of ‘Women in engineering Achievement in technological innovation’ in 2020.


All this while my inner-shy but strong love for art was dormant which came to life when I experienced true Australian wilderness, the beautiful unimaginable landscapes, tropical rainforests, diversified wildlife.

Slowly & patiently, I began sketching at home, at the beach, at parks wherever I could find time, and my best buddies were back in the game (p&p). All my paintings have got a dash of wilderness which I have either experienced first hand or let my imagination guide my strokes.

Being a new mom, the artwork and  Priya Gore Art business has grown even bigger in size (literally), I am enjoying this new bold and beautiful phase of my life.

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