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“I saw this artwork and I just immediately fell in love. So rich, elegant, regal, so gravitational. There is a spiritual centred weight within this individual. This spark of Creation knows who she is. The Universe flies within her, and she carries it with full knowledge, honour, and grace. I love it so much. I sobbed when I purchased it and I sobbed repeatedly upon unwrapping and viewing it in person for the first time. What an honour to own such a work of genuine art. It's magnificent. Priyadarshini Gore thank you for being the conduit for this outstanding work."

- Jo S. Stacey,


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I know, collecting a piece of fine art can be exciting but sometimes and intimidating experience. I don't want you to miss out on an artwork which you have fallen in love with, so please Click on the email address above to send me any queries you have. Waiting to hear from you!


My name is Priya Gore

      I am Priya Gore the artist behind KaribuFineArt. Coming from a joint family from a tiny village in India, I am among the 18th of the 28 cousins.  At a very early age my love for art was apparent when the closest two best buddies I had were a pencil and paper & till date my biggest motivation is my mother who is doctor by profession wore different hats all throughout her life & was remarkable at it.


     Till recently (in sub-continent region) your ‘destination’ is decided before you are conceived, either you must become a doctor or an engineer. All my cousins were asked to pursue medical but I chose to take engineering route even though both my parents are doctors. I love being a geek when it comes to science & technology & craftsmanship. I completed my masters in telecommunications system design engineering from Chicago and after 3 years of working in the US, I planned to join MY partner in Australia. Soon I got recruited in NBN rollout & rapidly achieved high accolades in designing complex wireless networks for large enterprises and was one of the top 5 finalists for Australian national awards in the category of ‘Women in engineering Achievement in technological innovation’ in 2020.


      All this while my inner-shy but strong love for art was dormant which came to life when I experienced true Australian wilderness, the beautiful unimaginable landscapes, tropical rainforests, diversified wildlife. Slowly & patiently, I began sketching at home, at the beach, at parks wherever I could find time, and my best buddies were back in the game (p&p). All my paintings have got a dash of wilderness which I have either experienced first hand or let my imagination guide my strokes.


        Being a new mom, the artwork and  Karibu fine art business has grown even bigger in size (literally), I am enjoying this new bold and beautiful phase of my life.

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